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    Every summer in the 1960’s, we would load our luggage in
    my father’s blue Simca Elysée and drive to the Adriatic’s
    Italian beaches and sometimes the Mediterranean ones.
    We left Toulouse early in the morning in order to arrive in
    the evening before sunset for our first swim. My parents
    preferred the seaside resorts next to Rimini or Riccione,
    where prices were still affordable. My mother said the sea
    there was bluer than anywhere else. I remember in particular
    the Lido de Pomposa, a Lido similar to many other ones,
    built quickly with its small buildings in the classic style of
    the ‘60s with a campsite, a supermarket and an open-air

    Claude Nori

    Editore : Sturm & Drang
    Autore : Claude Nori